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Feel The Burn

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[Obviously, I'm not the real X-Treme, since he does not exist. He is a character created by Marvel Comics. I also make no claim to have had any hand in his creation. I merely roleplay as him for http://livejournal.com/~next_phase .]

Name: Adam-X
Codename: X-Treme
Age: 16
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond

Appearance: Typically wearing a black and blue mixture of leather and metal armor. As well as numerous small blades he calls "Thet'je Spikes." And, to top off his wardrobe, he tend to never be seen without his backwards black hat. Tends to keep his hair near waist length.

Disposition: If there was on word to truly describe Adam, its "cocky." He knows his boundarys and limitations and seems to enjoy challenging others to try matching himself. A challenge often proved foolhardy by any attempt. This demeanor usually only presents itself in combat however. Under normal circumstances he can be rather friendly and down to earth.

Known Superhuman Powers: Adam has super human agility, as well as the mutant ability to "ignite" a person's blood cells. The effect has been called "Flash fry." At his command, he can "ignite" a person's blood cells to the point of either stunning them, or rendering them completely unconscious. When "Flashed" after oxygenating the blood, Adam then ignites a person's electrolytes in the person's blood supply.

History: No one knows less about Adam's past than
himself for that is what he seeks, to learn about his past and find his place in the world. From what he has discovered so far. He was raised upon another planet, his mother was human, and his father was former emperor of the Shi'ar Empire, D'Ken. He actively pursues any knowledge of his mother. But, has come across many dead ends on his path.